Time to stitch the day away.

Here’s today’s starting point on HAED Train of Dreams. I am hoping I will get page number 5 finished this week. I’ve been trying to stitch for a few hours each day. I would love to get Train of Dreams finished this year.

Puppy update.

Chewie and BB have been with us now for 6 weeks as of tomorrow and tomorrow they are 14 weeks old. We weighed them this morning and they are both doing well. Chewie is now 11.1 kilos. BB is now 11 kilos. We have a feeling both girls are going to grow into being big dogs. 

Woohoo, I have a date.

Yesterday we got a phone call from Sheffield hospital to give us a date when they will be doing my gamma knife Radiotherapy. We go up on the 27th March for an MRI then they do the gamma knife treatment on the 28th and we can come home on the 29th as long as I am having no problems. They would of let me home the 28th after the treatment if we didn’t have a 3hr car journey to get home. They would rather I stay in case I have any problems after the treatment. If I’m fine the morning of the 29th then we can leave as soon as we’re ready. I will be happy once this is over with. I will then just have to wait for the 6 week course of lower level of Radiotherapy for the tumour on my left swallowing nerve. Once both lots of Radiotherapy are done I am hoping I will have a couple of years of no operations or treatments. Maybe Pete and I could go on a mini holiday with the dogs.

Woohoo can’t wait.

Tomorrow we’ll be having a brand new carpet fitted in the bedroom so I’m really looking forward to having a lovely plush carpet to walk on. Also I’m hoping it won’t be much more of a wait for my gamma knife treatment. The puppies are doing very well. They are 13 weeks tomorrow. House training has been successful. They sleep most of the night now. They are both around 10 kilos each. Seeing as they are only 13 weeks we have a feeling they still have a lot of growing to do.

Whoa slow down.

‚ÄčThe puppies are growing very quickly. They have settled in with us and Fudge and have truly made this their forever home. In other parts of life things have been going just as fast and many things are changing. We don’t mind change but sometimes we wish it didn’t all happen in one go.

It’s been a while.

Since bringing home our two puppies just over two weeks ago, I haven’t had the chance to blog because we’ve been spending time house training the girls and literary been run ragged by them. Lol. They had their last set of injections yesterday so in a week to 10 days we can start walking them which will help cut their energy down and gives us some peace. Lol. In the 2 weeks since we got them they have both put on just over 2 kilos each. Fudge is getting on with them both but if they bundle him too often he does tell them off. He does play with them from time to time but as soon as they start puppy play fighting, he leaves them to it and watches them from a very safe distance. Lol.

Puppy life.

‚ÄčI have never had the puppy experience in my life and since adopting Chewie and BB from Emma and Nigel, yesterday, I am absolutely loving it. They have kept us on our toes today since we decided to bring them out of the kitchen and into the living room to socialize with Fudge, our 10 year old Greyhound. Chewie is a complete lunatic. She loves to climb and jump around and play fighting with BB. BB is the calmer of the two but even today she’s been running riot and occasionally getting her own back on Chewie by jumping on her and grabbing her legs. If I didn’t have facial paralysis I would be grinning from ear to ear. As for the girls and Fudge socializing, it would help if Fudge made a effect. At one point BB was playing with Fudge’s tail but all he did was sit there and glare at Pete. Here’s some photos.