What a rough few weeks.

I honestly don’t know how I’m still here after all that I’ve been through since the end of April and the 28th May, I have been admitted into hospital three times due to CVS (cyclical vomiting syndrome). I have ended up with two UTI’s after being discharged. I hope the next couple of weeks fly by, without any illnesses, so I can  finally see a gynecologist to find of what can be done about the CVS every time it’s the “time of the month” for me. I cannot live like this until the menopause stops my periods. That could be years. This amount of vomiting could cause me to have problems with my esophagus, teeth and weight. I’m already anemic. Even my appetite at the moment is terrible. I miss being able to snack throughout the day and still eat proper meals. At the moment I feel like I have a tight belt around my stomach making it difficult to eat a meal the size you’d give a toddler. 


It’s a gorgeous day.

Despite waking early due to sciatic pain I am actually in a good mood. I have a hot water bottle behind me which does help ease the pain. I’m not going enjoy using a hot water bottle once the summer gets here, so I’m going to have to find a painkiller that will actually work for more than an hour. I’m just about to start stitching. I’m hoping to stitch loads this month. Here’s the two projects I’m working on at the moment.

I finished.


I finished this part of the Lakeside Needlecraft, Bands Of Variation SAL. I used Thread Pickerz silk called Fishfisher. I enjoyed every stitch and I can’t wait until I receive the next Band on the 1st April.


Time to get stitching.

Had a lovely full nights sleep and a sleep in till 10am. (Thank you furry kids for letting me sleep). Not been doing mich since I crawled out of bed but now I’m all geared up to spend the rest of today stitching. Here’s my starting point on the Lakeside Needlecraft, Bands of Variation SAL. I’m loving every stitch and I’m loving the Thread Pickerz hand dyed silks.

My Radiotherapy treatment has finished!!!

No more radiotherapy treatments for me. None, nada, zilch. Woohoo. I can’t say how happy my husband and I are right now. It seems surreal because it’s been part of our lives for the past 8 weeks. It would of only been 6 weeks but due to the sickness and snow it dragged it out. But at least we can finally say it’s done. Now we can get back to normal. Thank you to all of you that have given me your support over the past 8 weeks. It means a lot.xXx

One more treatment to go.

Had treatment number 29 today. It’s my last treatment tomorrow. I’ve got to carry on with the steroids but gradually lower the dose over the next two weeks because symptoms from radiotherapy can last a few weeks after the treatment has stopped. Taking more steroids is kind of a good thing right now because they have helped increase my appetite and I’m finally starting to gain the weight I lost over the last 18 months due to sickness. 

Going to spend the rest of today and tomorrow doing as little as possible. We just want to relax and try recover from the last 8 weeks of stress. I plan to just eat, sleep and eat some more.

2 treatments left.

Just 2 left to go. The Tomotherapy machine is having a service tomorrow so we get a day off. We plan to sleep in and just chill the heck out. My last 2 treatments are Thursday and Friday. It’s going to seem so strange on Monday morning know that we haven’t got to do the hour drive each way, no treatment. We can just get back to normal again. Well as normal as Neurofibromatosis Type 2 can be.lol.

I have plenty of cross stitching to catch up on. 8 weeks worth. Whoa what fun. My routine will be sleep, eat, stitch, eat, stitch, eat and sleep. 😉

Just 4 more treatments to go.

Next week will be my last 4 radiotherapy treatments. My last one is Friday. Wednesday the machine is having a service so we get the day off. Cannot believe how close to the end I am. It’s been a struggle for both myself and my husband but we’ve held it together. 

This weekend we’re spending the time getting all things done which got ignored during the week. Also we’re both doing our hobbies which we barely had the energy to do. Had a lovely sleep in this morning so I have the brain power to get some cross stitching done.